Resettling for naps?

I say resettling baby during naptime is the work of the devil. I am not a fan of resettling for naps. I’d try resettling for five minutes if you really know that they should be back to sleep. Apart from that, you will be sitting there for at least an hour. They’ll be crying. You may be crying. It’s kind of ridiculous. I don’t see it being a consistently positive thing to do.

What I hear a lot of is, oh she woke after 30 minutes so I went in and I resettled. After about 15 minutes, she went back to sleep. I’d put it to you that you were probably just resettling for her entire wakeful period. You probably could have brought her outside, had a sandwich and a chat, hang for 15 minutes and then put her back to bed.

Instead of resettling, what I say is to adjust the next wakeful period to be shorter. If your baby’s wakeful period will normally be about two hours or whatever depending on the age, then and they have a shorter sleep than normal, look for those tired signs around 1 hour and 40 minutes. Bring that next wakeful period shorter, to compensate for the fact that they have had a short nap.

I don’t want people struggling on with resettling. Honestly, if you’re resettling for 45 minutes, basically all you’re doing is teaching him to cry for 45 minutes before you get him up. I don’t really know who that’s benefiting.

I hope this helps!

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