The Baby Sleep Company is a world renowned team of child sleep experts based in Australia. They are led by Katie Forsythe, a Director of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. All of the team are Certified Child Sleep Consultants and all of them are mothers themselves.
They understand what it is like to be so tired that your eyes actually hurt. They understand the twisted knot you get in your stomach when it’s the afternoon and you realise that night is approaching again and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
They have been there, they have walked many tired miles in your shoes and they know how to help you turn this around.
Most importantly, they won’t only offer a one-size-fits-all solution because inevitably that will mean trying to make families do something that the simply don’t feel comfortable with. The Baby Sleep Company prides itself on offering different solutions to behavioural child sleep problems so that each family can find something that fits in within their parenting style and family values.
The Baby Sleep Company has helped thousands of families from around the world get better sleep and restore peace to their homes. Families just like yours.

“We are on night 6 and after about 20 seconds of grizzling he was asleep. I can hardly believe after 2 years of no sleep it’s taken less then a week!” Angela, child is 2 years

“I can’t believe how quickly it’s worked for me! It’s almost as if Sadie was ready to do it too as she really hasn’t complained as much as I expected! Here’s to more sleep mummas!!” Ashleigh – baby is 16 months

“Katie literally changed our life! Our daughter slept through the first night and we knocked over day sleeps later down the track… Lucky because I was turning into a kleptomaniac zombie mum!!!” Guilia (comment on Facebook – child age unknown. Results on fixing kleptomania may vary hahaha)

“Thank you again! I honestly did not expect such amazing results so quickly.” Samantha – baby is 7 months

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