What age is this sleep program suitable from?
Although a lot of the information will apply to babies of all ages, we do not recommend using a sleep guidance method until your little one is at least six months of age.

Does this sleep program work for toddlers too?
Absolutely! We work with toddlers a LOT. The methods and information in this program will help with children up to around the age of 5 years old.

How long will this sleep program take to work?
If you have made all the environmental changes we suggest and applied one of the sleep guidance techniques to night sleeps exactly as we’ve described (being super consistent and not changing anything) then we would expect to see some good improvements within a week (often less). We measure improvements by any or all of: number of wakings, length of time crying and/or intensity of crying.

Those improvements then keep getting better with everything normally resolved within a month. When working with a baby who has night and nap issues, sometimes the naps can take a little while longer but night issues should be long resolved within a month.

Can I get a refund if this sleep program doesn’t help my child sleep?
Absolutely. If you put all of our child sleep advice into place and are consistent for at least two weeks straight and see no improvement at all in your child’s sleep, then we will refund you the cost of the course. We are confident that you will see results and in the very odd case that a parent doesn’t see an improvement in their child’s sleep over two weeks then we certainly don’t want them to have wasted their money.

Please note: our refund policy does not cover people who change their mind or feel the program is not for them once they have access to the information. We encourage you to read our FAQs and T&Cs thoroughly before purchasing the program.

Can I buy this program if I don’t have PayPal?
You sure can! Just checkout as a guest and use your credit card instead.

Can I buy this sleep program if my baby is under six months of age?
Of course you can, we understand that many people want to get their head around how to tackle sleep issues long before they actually need to. Also, a lot of the information will still be valid for babies younger than 6 months of age. Just remember – we don’t recommend you use the actual sleep guidance techniques until your child is at least 6 months of age.

Are the techniques you offer suitable if I want to continue bedsharing with my child?
Unfortunately no. While we offer ideas on how to use our techniques while continuing to room-share with your baby we don’t have methods suitable for a family who share a bed and want to continue doing so.

Are you qualified to give this information?
We certainly are. Katie is the owner of The Baby Sleep Company and is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant (through the IMPI in the USA). As well as this, Katie is a Regional Director of the International Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.

On a personal level, Katie is also the mother of three young children and herself suffered severe chronic sleep deprivation when her second boy regressed as a toddler shortly before she gave birth to her third bubba. She understands what you’re going through because not only has she helped thousands of tired families just like yours, but she has walked many miles in your sleep deprived shoes.

Do you use cry-it-out?
No, we do not use or advocate cry-it-out (CIO) as a sleep guidance method. By definition, CIO is the technique where you are instructed to leave your child unattended overnight without going back into the room (we do NOT do this). We only offer sleep guidance techniques where you reassure and support your little one through the process however it’s important to realise that this does not mean that we offer ‘no-cry’ solutions.

Will my baby cry during the sleep guidance process?
We expect that there will be tears in the process but there is for essentially any sleep guidance. What differs between techniques is your response to the tears. What’s important to remember is when you’re using one of our methods you will be letting your baby know that you’re here for them and supporting them, but that you’re not doing all the things you use to do to help them sleep (feeding to sleep, replacing dummy, co-sleeping, patting etc).

Will this program cover naps as well as nights?
Yes, we cover naps but always advise you start with nights if you have a problem with both.

Is this sleep program suitable for my baby if he has a medical condition?
If you child has the symptoms of or a diagnosis of a medical condition then we would urge you to consult with a physician before starting our sleep program to get medical clearance that it is suitable to begin working on their sleep. In many cases a lot of the information regarding sleep environment, timings and other advice will still be applicable and may be enough in your circumstance

How long will I have access to the information for?
After completing checkout you will have access to all of the videos and ebooks for 12 months – plenty of time to put them into place and restore sleep to your home! If you find you need the information for longer there will be the option to renew for another 12 months at a discounted rate.

Can I view the program on my smartphone/tablet?
Absolutely! You can view the program anywhere you have an internet connection. There is so much information though, it could be a little tricky navigating it all on a little phone but it’s definitely possible. For easiest navigation we recommend using a PC or tablet.

Can I print out the ebooks at home?
Of course! We understand that some people like to read from paper rather than a screen.

Can I download the videos?
No, but once you have your login details you can watch them through our site as often as you’d like (for 12 months).

Can I share login details with my friends?
No, that would be a breach of copyright. We monitor how many different IP addresses access individual accounts and reserve the right to cancel an account if it is flagged as accessing via excessive numbers of IP addresses.

How do I access the sleep program information once I have paid?
Once you have paid via PayPal you will be redirected back to the Baby Sleep Company where you will have automatic access to the Members Only page. In addition, you will be sent a link with your user name and a link to refer to in the future to login.

If you have any problem accessing the program after registering please email us at support@babysleepproject.com

Why does my video keep pausing?
It’s likely that it is buffering – just let it fully load before watching it.

Are you insured?
Yes, we are fully insured worldwide including in the USA and Canada.

Why do you say words like dummy, nappy and cot?
Because we’re Australian, mate! I know, we use funny words sometimes but dummy just means binkie or pacifier, nappy is a diaper and a cot is a crib. Oh, and you might spot a few ‘spelling mistakes’ like colour and organise but that’s just how we spell those words down here.

Can I pay via credit card?
Yes of course! We take payments via PayPal and you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card, you can enter your details as a guest.

Can I purchase additional one-on-one support with Katie or another Baby Sleep Company sleep consultant?
Of course, that’s no problem. Just email us at help@thebabysleepcompany.com.au and we can organise that for you.

What if I have questions after I have watched all the videos and read the ebooks?
We would hope that all your questions are answered in the documents and videos however if they are not we certainly don’t want you worrying. Please email help@thebabysleepcompany.comm.au to have something clarified by our team of certified child sleep consultants and we will do our best to answer and support you.

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