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The testimonials and success stories are literally coming in faster than we can keep up with adding them so excuse how raw and real these snippets are. Real parents, real mamas – JUST LIKE YOU, getting their little ones sleeping thanks to the Baby Sleep Project! Don’t wait, or wonder. If your little ones sleep has become a problem then let us help you to fix it and get more sleep very soon! Read the FAQ’s and the program page for more info.

Meet Henry…
When his mama started our Baby Sleep Project she told us that at 2 years and 2 months Henry had “never slept”… He had bad colic as a baby and screamed 23 hours a day for the first 3 months. Within that time his mama had a lactation consultant & a sleep expert visit her house. Both helped me with breast feeding & sleep issues at the time but he continued to only sleep for 40 minutes at a time.
At 9 months, Henry and his mama attended a week long live-in sleep school and things improved while they were there but once they got home it all went off the rails because he got sick and they were never able to regain the improvements they saw.
At 18 months Henry was having good naps but at night his parents had to resort to co-sleeping and even then he was hardly sleeping. By now working full-time and running her own business, Henry’s mama had hit rock bottom. She told us that she had read many of our success stories on The Baby Sleep Co Facebook page but had never thought about contacting us until she literally had no other choice.
Here’s what she said:
“I was too exhausted to function so something had to change. Within 3 nights of this program he was sleeping through!!!! I won’t lie, the first 2 nights were pretty rough but I had 2 years of bad habits to undo! I didn’t think it would happen so quickly but the advice and support offered is amazing. I can’t thank Katie and her team enough for helping me get my life back after a very challenging 2 years!”

Meet Archer…
When Archer’s mama signed up to our online Baby Sleep Project she had high hopes we’d be able to help because we’d helped her friend with a personal baby sleep consultation.
Mr Archer was only wanting his mama to put him to sleep, he would scream for anyone else and she had to bounce him on the fitball. He would then wake every 3 hours through the night and only go back to sleep on the ball or being breastfed.
She ended up bringing him into bed with her to feed in bed just so they could both get a little sleep.
Day sleeps were basically non existent with up to an hour of bouncing to get 10-30 minutes of sleep from him. It was driving his poor mama crazy because she also has 2.5 year old who needs her attention in the daytime! She would finally get Archer to sleep and her other son would yell for her or play with the loudest toy in the house and wake Archer back up. Then the process would begin again. 🙁
WELL!! What a difference TWO nights and a GREAT plan makes! She joined the Baby Sleep Project and decided on the sleep method that would suit her best. Two nights in and this little guy slept from 6.30pm till 7.30am with two quick feeds (she had decided to keep in one but he surprised her and went back to sleep again at the 5.30am feed too!).
Needless to say, baby is happier than ever and mum is thrilled! She said in her email: “Thank you again, I honestly did not expect such amazing results so quickly.”

“Your program has changed my life!!
My little girl Annie* is 6 months old, and has never slept. I mean never. The midwives at the hospital in the first two days kept saying ‘oh she’s alert isn’t she’, I didn’t really get what they meant (having never had a baby before), and when I got home the Maternal and child health nurse said the same thing, all of them were focused on the feeding and her weight so much, no one really ever asked how she was sleeping. And because I was the novice I didn’t ask. Because newborns are crappy sleepers right?
Or do they sleep 18 hours a day? Oh that’s right, all babies are different.
She slept a little bit, and only when I breastfed her to sleep. The bassinet was a waste of time, because when she was out of my arms she screamed bloody murder.
Fast forward 2 months and we’ve taken to co-sleeping. Mostly because it was the only way she and I got sleep overnight. Life was ok for a while, then she hit 3.5 months and the co-sleeping stopped working. She would wake up every hour, sometimes every 30 or 40 mins, and I was spiraling into despair. EVERYONE around me was supportive, but no one could be there in the middle of the night to take her. My husband had to go to work during the day, so it was up to me. I heard the litany of ‘she will get better’ so many times, but all I was hearing was ‘there’s nothing you can do, suck it up princess’.
After a particularly bad week, I scared myself after I screamed at Annie. I put her down in her cot pretty forcefully and I screamed at her. I started crying and ran out of the room, sobbing hysterically on the floor. ‘it will get better’ ‘it will get better ‘ replaying in my head.
My husband and I decided to try your program because it’s one that will refund if it doesn’t work. Which is a rarity for sleep guides. I committed to the first night, which was understandably difficult because it was all new to Annie, and I will never look back. By night three she was sleeping 6 hours through, and now a week later she is sleeping 8 hours straight, a couple of wakeups here and there but settles herself without needing me to tend to her. I cannot thank you enough. (it does get better, but you’ve got to put the work in!)
My life has started again. The joy I have now is what I should have felt 6 months ago, but better late than never. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

* Name and photo have been changed

Meet India…
Her mama said:
“I’m so proud of my little girls massive sleep improvement, I wanna shout it from the rooftop!!!
Night 1 was the first time out of our bed in 2 months. (she would wake 4-6 times a night and feeding at least twice a night) As expected there were tears (for both of us) but not as bad as I imagined. She woke 5 times, and each time there were fewer tears and she was back to sleep sooner and for longer. The last two waking’s she even self-settled!! Something she had never done before.
Night 2 she only woke 3 times. Fell asleep quicker & for longer. I still included a feed around midnight both nights and planned to faze that out the following week. I just wanted to ease her into it.
I had still been feeding to sleep the past two nights but on night 3 I fed her and put her in her cot sleepy but awake. She didn’t like that much, but she settled after a short amount of time and slept 12 HOURS STRAIGHT!!!!
I literally cannot believe how quickly we saw results! Her day sleeps have gone from 45mins max to 1.5-3 hours without changing a thing. She is so much happier during the day & not constantly rubbing her eyes.
I’m so happy I bought the Baby Sleep Project. It is worth every cent!!
Thank you so much. Our household is a much calmer and happier one already.

Meet Sadie…
Many people think that sleep problems are only for babies only but that is simply not the case! At 18 months, Sadie would need to be rocked to sleep every night at bedtime…a good night was 20mins, a bad night was an hour or more
An average night would have 3-4 wake ups and she would need to be picked up and rocked back to sleep. Her mama actually had a few nights where she thinks she didn’t sleep at all. It was horrendous. She told us that she would be walking around the house rocking her until Sadie was in a deep enough sleep for her to risk putting her down. This had gone on since she was born, so almost 18months! Sadie’s mama told us that she literally doesn’t know how she survived but knows that she cried a lot…
She said: “I was exhausted, stressed, yelling at the kids when I shouldn’t have been and constantly snappy at my husband. After 18 months of rocking to sleep, pacing the house for hours every night something had to change. My tipping point came when, after a night of absolutely no sleep, I forgot to put the handbrake on my car at work, and my car rolled through the car park and hit another car. After just 3 nights of implementing the Baby Sleep Project techniques, my daughter went down awake and with no rocking and slept ALL NIGHT! Amazing! We now have a routine, and both me and my little girl are happier and healthier. I cannot thank the guys at the Baby Sleep Project enough!”

Meet Mia…
At six months of age Mia’s sleep took a turn for the worse. In desperation, her mama introduced a dummy but this only made it worse and soon Mia was waking 6 times a night and only napping for 45 minutes. Mia’s parents had already had help from a different baby sleep consultant and although they saw great results initially, they felt like they were left high and dry when they reached out for support when things went pear shaped. Mia’s mama told us that her anxiety was through the roof and it was largely due to her being so eye-stingingly tired.
In her words: “One night I just broke down in my husband’s arms, telling him I just can’t do it anymore. I didn’t want to be a mum anymore! I talked to him about my reservations about getting help again, as I didn’t want to be disappointed and be out of pocket.
I told him about a company I heard of on Facebook called The Baby Sleep Company and that they had a money back guarantee for their online program. This gave me a little peace of mind, but honestly I was still not sure if it was a good idea. As I was in the middle of my breakdown, my husband took me into the office, sat us down by the computer and without hesitation purchased the package from The Baby Sleep Company. I now thank my husband every day for pushing me to try again. That night we sat together and read through the program and watched all of the videos. The program is set out so it is very simple to follow, easy step by step guides, informative videos by Katie, with a little bit of humour that had me smiling again. There are also multiple techniques you can try which was a big plus.
The program provided us with everything we needed, it’s not a field of information you have to sift through, so we could implement it sooner. As we had most of the ‘environmental’ factors set in place from our previous attempt, we decided to try the very next night. We decided to put Mia to sleep as we would normally (rocking etc) but when she woke, try one of methods set out in the program.
After ONE attempt, Mia slept all night! The next night she went to sleep without rocking, AND slept all night. I could not believe the results. In just one night I had gone from 6-8 night wakings to sleeping through the night.My baby was now happy and thriving. After she started to sleep better, she soon began to crawl, got her first teeth, and started daycare. Even through all these milestones, she still slept consistently well, but if there ever was a hiccup and I needed advice, the team at The Baby Sleep Company were quick to respond to my emails with a solution. Naps also slowly improved and we are happy to say life is so much more enjoyable. I can’t thank Katie and her team enough (oh and my husband)!

Meet Darcy…
From her mama: “I just want to extend by gratitude to this company for your online sleep program.
My 6 month old has gone from needing to be fed to sleep for 2 hours every night and for at least an hour each wake up to being put down awake and settling herself.

I didn’t realize how much sitting in a dark room isolated every night for so long was damaging me, and damaging my marriage. I am so much happier, it’s amazing!!
On top of that, my gorgeous little Darcy had to be fed to sleep for naps, and could not be moved, so I was spending 3-4 hours a day with a baby asleep on me. Left me with no time to recharge or take a break if I needed to. She’s only napping 45 minutes at a time now but that’s ok! She’s in her cot which I honestly never thought would happen so easy. It’s a work in progress.
Thank you so much!!! I recommend this to everyone I meet with sleep issues now!”

Meet Hudson…
At 11 months of age his record stretch of sleep was 6 hours and his mama could count how many times that had happened on her hands.

Although he self-settled of an evening it was anyone’s guess how many times he would wake overnight and although initially his mama could just feed him and he’d go back to sleep no problems, Hudson started to resist going back into his cot a couple of months ago and mama was at a loss as to what she should do!

Having started back at work she was desperate for any sleep she could get and she just brought him into bed with her so that she could maximise her zzzzzzz’s but even this co-sleeping wasn’t restful and mama was absolutely beside-herself-tired when we worked together (she did a phone consultation).

Well, what a difference a proven plan and a consistent few nights can make! On night three Hudson only half-woke and made a little peep then went back to sleep at 2.30 and on night four the little champion slept through from 7.30pm until 6.45am!!

This is the first time that his mama has slept through since she was in her first trimester…so first time since Dec 2014!

Meet Scarlett…
At 5 months old Scarlett stopped sleeping soundly. She woke numerous times a night and it was all random. Day sleeps were near to non-existent. After months and months of no sleep and with her parents sleeping in separate rooms they reached out for help.
Using one of the techniques in our Baby Sleep Project, Scarlett’s mama was able to confidently help her little one start improving her sleep quickly!
Her email read: “I’m sorry we didn’t ask for your help sooner. Now she is a happy, crazy 14 month old who sleeps in her own bed through the night. Tim and I sleep in the same bed again and I’ve joined the gym! It’s amazing having a life after 7pm!”

Meet Chelsea…
Before her mama got help from us, Chelsea was a little fit-ball addict! Every single settle had to be bouncing in a fit-ball or a breastfeed – day and night, and at night it could only be mama, never daddy! She would had never fallen asleep on her own and this family was beyond exhausted. A good night would be 5 wake ups and a bad night could be as many as 12. This had been the case for over four months and her mama was at her wit’s end when she sought our help.
She felt like she had tried everything and listed “different clothing for different temps, restructured nap times and wake times, different activity levels throughout the day, rehashed bed time routines (e.g. removing bath from routine), gradual weaning off boob for night wakings by dad resettling, tried teething powder, returned to co sleeping” but nothing had helped.
Within a week of putting into place one of the methods we explain in the Baby Sleep Project, it was a very different story. Not only was Chelsea happily self-settling but she was sleeping through the night. Everyone was feeling happier and well-rested!
Her mama’s email says it all: “Chelsea’s sleeping has been AMAZING. She is still sleeping really well at night and does not cry AT ALL when I put her down. On the contrary, she seems happy to be going to bed and sometimes she is a bit upset and squirmy during the night time routine until we put her down. Then she calms and starts smiling… Weird right..?!”

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