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Our aim is to help your family get the sleep you need

We want to be the first to give you permission to be okay with raising your hand to ask for help. There are so many thousands of parents just like you who are completely at a loss as to where to start and how to help their little ones’ sleep.

Helping your baby sleep can be really confusing – we’re here to make it simple. We know how tired you are. The kind of tired you can feel behind your eyes. We break down all the info into bite-sized pieces and make it really simple for you to get started tonight.

Our online Baby Sleep Program was a world-first and a game changer for bone-numbingly weary parents.


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Why you will LOVE our sleep program

  1. Choice. Two proven sleep techniques explained directly to you via video and supporting ebooks. Our techniques aren’t rigid which means they can work for everyone and you can adjust them around your routine
  2. Support from qualified child sleep consultants. We are also mums.
  3. Tons of bonus material and footage to cover things like nursery environment and white noise
  4. Backed by a money back guarantee. Implement our techniques, talk to our sleep consultants and still see no improvement? We will give you your money back.
  5. No drip feeding. 12 month access to the program. Immediate access to all the files and footage that will help you get your baby sleeping.
  6. Head to our Facebook Page so you can see what we are all about because while you may want sleep help from us today, you may in the future. We also answer free Facebook questions every Friday.
  7. The techniques in the program work on babies from as young as 6 months of age.
The Baby Sleep Program

The Baby Sleep Program is a technique focused video and e-book series sharing the secrets of baby whisperers like us.  We promise if you consistently implement these techniques that they will work and you will get the sleep you need. We back this promise with a money back guarantee. WHY? Because we are so confident that we can help you.


  • Proven sleep techniques
  • Qualified sleep consultants to help
  • Choice of 2 peer-reviewed techniques
  • Lots of bonus material
  • For bubs over 6 months to toddlers
  • Down to earth approach
  • No cry it out
  • Not for babies under 6 months
  • Will result in sleep for everyone!


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Katie Forsythe

Owner of the Baby Sleep Company
Certified Child Sleep Consultant
Survivor of Post Natal Depression
Mum of 3 well slept babies

“I can’t wait to give you all the knowledge you need to do exactly what I have taught thousands of parents around the world to do. Except this time, you will be doing it for you and your little one. ”

If you are happy with the way your baby is sleeping but just wants some tips and ideas then check out the blog tab on the menu for a growing list of helpful articles. Or follow us on Facebook. We post free baby sleep advice videos every Friday and have done for over a year so there is loads of information there for you.

We are only encouraging parents to sign up for the program who are ready commit to the techniques, who know it won’t be easy, but at the same time, can’t wait for a good nights sleep. I promise you, if you follow the instructions, if you consistently implement them and reach out for fine tuning help from our qualified child sleep consultants if needed, that you will see improvement. I am so sure, that if you don’t see improvement after consistent implementation and chatting to our sleep consultants for help, that I will give you your money back. You literally have nothing to lose and only sweet sleep to gain!

I can’t wait to share all the information with you so you can get back the sleep that you need.

Example video in the program

The baby sleep program is a mix of video theory, instructional video and supporting ebooks. We have also included bonus material to cover tricky times like holidays, having a an older child in the home, dummy’s and more.
Don’t be overwhelmed though. The main sleep techniques are covered in just a couple of videos and books.

This is as close as I can get without being in your home. I promise I keep this real, easy to understand and easy to implement

The Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive


We get so many testimonials that, to save time, we have begun taking screenshots of the praise. Find our growing list of testimonials here 

And more reviews in case you are too tired to go to another screen


“I feel so refreshed already with only one night waking! Yay!”

“On night 3 tonight and she has been asleep since 8pm instead of midnight in her own cot, not my bed and only waking up 3 times, not hourly!! I am looking forward to her bed time now. Can’t believe the progress she has made in two nights. Thanks so much!” Cassi baby is 6 months

Within three nights, our beautiful girl was back to sleeping straight through the night with no dramas and even smiled at me and rolled over when I placed her in her cot, ready for bedtime! Ingrid – Parkinson Child was 19 months old

We have had awesome success! She has had 3 nights in a row of solid sleep with no wake ups! Bed at 7.30am and wake up at 6am for a bottle and back to sleep until 8am. Rachel – baby is 6 months

“Sweet success! Night three and little miss slept through from 7 until 6:30. Amazing results. Thank you so much” Carolyn Baby is 12 months

“Hi team, I’m really enjoying watching the videos and going through the content. I particularly enjoy your relatable and reassuring style Katie.” Laura – baby is 6 months old

Joan now falls asleep by herself in the cot at 8pm without any struggle. She doesn’t wake up at night at all, even if she does it’s just a little whimper and she goes back to sleep by herself. I could not be more proud of her. I definitely have better rest at night now. Thank you once again! Baby is 20 months old

“Night 3 and Hux slept from 7.30-6!” Lauren – Mum of 1


Well I’m calling it success anyways, Kenzi went down at 8pm didn’t wake until 1am only took 15 mins too resettle and fall back too sleep! I was in bed within the 15 minutes!! Crazy!!

She woke up at 6am, I assumed to start the day. Apparently not, I have fed her and now she has gone back too sleep!” Carissa – baby is 10 months old

Other Snippets of goodness!

“This is worth every cent”

“I can already see big improvements”

“So many things about my baby’s sleep environment I never even realised could be improved!”

“So easy to understand and work through the program – so much is covered and yet it’s not overwhelming!”

“Feeling pumped after night one…it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be once you explained it to me.”

“Your program feels like a private consultation, like you’re with me explaining it all to me. Love your style and jokes!”

“This program should be compulsory viewing for all new parents! So much great information and all explained clearly.”

“He even napped better today and we only started with his nights and only started last night!”

“Big improvement on how often I’m normally up with her”

If you still don’t believe us OR you aren’t quite sure if we are real – then please join us on our Facebook Page which is the most popular child sleep page in the world!

What you will LEARN in the program

  • How to prepare for the program to maximise success
  • How to choose a sleep technique that is right for you
  • Ideal room environment that will make a big difference
  • Break the sleep to feed cycle
  • The right way to introduce a comfort toy
  • Nutrition and its connection to sleep
  • Looking after yourself while you complete our program
  • What to do if you have underlying medical conditions
  • The right time to introduce a pillow
  • Maintaining toddler sleep with a newborn
  • Sleep Regressions. When they happen and what to do
  • How to keep a feed in overnight – YES you CAN!
  • Tips for multiples
  • Ideal bedtime routines and naptime routines
  • Teaching the older baby to find their dummy

We know it seems like a lot of information but but we have broken it down for you into bite sized videos and e-books. You could watch the preparation and core videos in an afternoon or evening and literally implement the next day. Or devour the whole lot in a day and start that night. We promise we use these exact techniques every single day and they work. No doubt, no sometimes, no obvious exceptions. This is why, if you implement this program and give it 100% and follow up with us if it is proving tricky and we still can’t figure it out for you, we will give you back your money.

It’s as simple as that – we want you to have peace of mind when you buy our program. And, of course, sweet sleep.

The Baby Sleep Project’s

Baby Sleep Program


Sign up here

$249 AUS

Immediate Access to the complete Baby Sleep Project. Pay by PayPal and have access to all the information instantly.

  • Instant Access
  • 30 day email access to qualified child sleep consultants
  • Accessible via phone or PC
  • Money back guarantee
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