Transitioning your 4 year old to their own bed

transitioning 4yo

Lots of families co-sleep and as you know, my whole thing is whatever works for you. When it no longer works for you, that’s when it becomes a problem. So let’s say you’ve been co-sleeping with your baby and she’s now 4/5 years old and about to start school. You might be looking at transitioning her to her own bed.

It’s going to be tricky because the thing is, when we’re dealing with a four-year-old, almost five-year-old, we’re not talking about a little toddler. We’re talking about a small human who actually understands everything that’s going on and has questions and is going to vocalize exactly what she thinks about everything. We have to be really careful. Of course, we always have to be careful. Until now, it has been beneficial for everyone having her sleep in your bed. The bond for you guys and it would have made her feel really secure. It has been beneficial for everyone. As they get older, they do get easy to sleep with.

So we need to get her sleeping in her own room. We’re going to be getting this little four and a half, almost five-year-old into her own room. Which is hard, of course, we’re not just going to be like, shutting the door and letting her scream. We’re going to set it up so that it feels like a really lovely, safe place.

Because this is the thing. There’s a theory with sleep that mammals all have a nest. We’re going to be working on that nest. We’re going to be working on her feeling comfortable in that nest and feeling like this is a safe place for her. It will be gradual. It’s not going to be like, boom, in three nights time she’s sleeping in her own room. I know as much as you would like that, it’s not going to be that.


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