Tips for juggling baby’s nap times and the school run


What happens when school pickups or must-do errands interfere with baby’s nap times? Here are some tips on how to handle this.

If life were perfect, we’d all have a nanny to look after our baby while we did the school run or a driver who’d manage the school run while stayed home with the sleeping baby. Here in real life, we know that doesn’t happen or rarely is the case, so we have to do what we need to do and baby is just going to have to fit in with that. Here is a sample scenario – feel free to adjust this to suit your situation.


You have to be out the door by 08h00 to get to school on time, but you know the baby is going to go down at 07h30/07h45 and if you wake her up at 08h00, she is going to be rancid. So! Get the older kids ready by 07h00 or 07h15, get to school early (find a great parking spot), leave the car running with baby sleeping in her car seat and get older sibling into the front seat with you to practise sight words, or reading, or helping with homework.

Maybe you have three children…take turns with who gets to sit in the front while doing sight words/reading and hand the other one an iPad or library book/picture book…whatever you need to keep them occupied for that time until the baby has had enough of a sleep to get them into school on time. Use that time to get some other stuff done that doesn’t need to be done at home, even just reading a storybook.


If you need to leave by 14h45, but your little one’s going to be needing her sleep by 14h15, leave at 14h00, find a fabulous parking spot and chill with your iPhone or magazine or crossword, while you wait for school to finish and baby to have a decent nap.

That’s my top tip on how to get your little one getting the sleep that she needs around the needs of the rest of the family. I hope that helps. I know it’s not advice that you would find in any baby sleep book, but that’s the advice from real life.


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