When should I stop using white noise?

white noise

white noise

There’s nothing wrong with white noise to block out other noises around the house! Sure, you’re worried that your baby won’t learn to sleep with normal house noises; that he needs to wean off it eventually, but you have a dog, you have loud neighbors, you have a toddler who is stomping around the house dropping toys and yelling. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with white noise to block these out!

There is no age limit to white noise whatsoever. In fact, in the U.S., because they live in much more densely populated cities than we have, you will see the equivalent of Harvey Normans stocking white noise machines for adults.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with white noise. Yes, it is a sleep crutch that he’s relying on to go to sleep. There are positive sleep crutches and there are negative sleep crutches. A positive sleep crutch is one that you can hand to a babysitter, take on an aeroplane, take to a restaurant, take overseas. A dummy can be a positive sleep crutch, songs, white noise, a pillow, which is what most adults have as a sleep crutch. If your baby is sleeping well with white noise, keep rocking that white noise!


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