When should I start using a night light for my baby?

Night Light

Night Light


There are two reasons to use a night light. The first one would be if you’ve got a really little child and you’re coming in to feed them at night and you need to see where you’re going so you don’t bump into things.

The other time night lights are useful for is when you have a child around the age of two or more who might have started to develop the emotion of fear.

In between those ages, there’s really not any need for night lights. Little babies between those ages don’t get scared at night, so you can normally just have the room be pitch black with the door shut and they won’t mind at all. The best type of night light to have is one that has the ability to be on red. You want the light to be a red night light. The reason is that blue light most affects our brain to inhibit the secretion of melatonin, and melatonin is the sleepy hormone that we need to go to sleep. So you don’t want to inhibit that in your child. Let’s not ever inhibit melatonin production.

You want to go for a light that has the ability to light up red. The brand of lights that I like the most is Aloka Sleepy Lights. The reasons I like them is obviously, they can be red. They’re also made of Perspex so they’re kind of shatterproof. They are LED, so they don’t get hot and they last a long time. Also, they plug into the wall. I loathe night lights that have batteries, because you end up eating batteries or it goes out in the middle of the night because the batteries have expired.

So somewhere around the age of two is a good time to introduce that if you notice your little ones starting to get scared of the dark. I hope this helps!

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