Sleep training and teething

This comes up often with the company and what I normally say is if it’s something that you wouldn’t send them to daycare with, then we postpone our sleep guidance.

Teething is something that you normally would send your little one to daycare with. Assuming there are no other symptoms like fevers, etc. It’s a tricky one, but I would gauge it by how he is during the day. If he’s really miserable during the day and not himself at all, then I would err on the side of pausing sleep guidance. If we’re seeing the physical symptoms of teething during the day and he’s really miserable, he’s off his food and he’s clawing at his mouth then, delay it a bit. If he’s just fine during the day, but then miserable at night then we would not put it off because it is likely to be a bit behavioral.

I always say that a well-slept baby really shouldn’t be interrupted by teething. If your baby were sleeping really well, the teething probably wouldn’t be too much of an issue at night.

So should we delay sleep training when baby is teething? Yes and no. Yes, if there are hints of symptoms. No, if it’s more like, “Eh, I reckon it might be teething” and he’s only really miserable at night with no other symptoms.


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