SIDS and my tummy-sleeping baby

There are a few parents worrying about the danger of SIDS and their babies sleeping on their tummy. I totally understand where they’re coming from because right from day one in the hospital we get it drilled into us “Do not let your baby sleep on their tummy.” However, when your little one is independently rolling onto his tummy, the SIDS recommendation is actually that it’s fine for him to be on his tummy as long as you have freed up his arms out of the swaddle. So long as he has free use of his arms, there’s no problem with him being on his tummy.

I don’t want you freaking out about it. I don’t want you worried and going in all the time to flip him back over onto his back. It’s totally fine and the line from SIDS and Kids recommendation Australia is if he can roll independently, then it’s totally fine as long as the cot is in compliance with SIDS recommendations. So no soft toys, no pillows, no blankets. Sleeping bag to keep warm, arms free, no problem with him being on his tummy.


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