Reluctant to adjust baby’s sleep environment? Read this!

Some parents are super reluctant to adjust their little one’s sleep environment for naps because they want to have their little one be adaptable and able to sleep away on holidays. In particular I mean people’s reluctance to blacken out the rooms. So people often say to me, parent’s say, “Well I don’t want to make the room totally black because when she stays at my mum’s house the room there’s not black, or if we go on holidays the room might not be black, so then how will she sleep?”

So I guess my answer to that is most of the time we have our little ones napping at our house. Most of the time. So let’s say conservatively in your baby’s lifetime 75% of their naps would be at home. So let’s say then that if that means we’ve only got 25% of their naps away from home, why would we compromise the environment for that 80% so that we’re preparing for that 20% away?

It would make more sense to make that 80% environment be as perfect as possible and take our chances on the 20%. So I honestly feel like if we’re spending our time trying to concentrate and compromising that 80% of nap time in preparation for the 20%, and to be honest, most of the time it’d be more like 90/10. When you’re in Noosa or wherever on holiday, and your baby’s not sleeping well because there’s no blackout blinds, that’s okay. Most of the time you’re at home. Most of the time it’s going to be optimal condition.

I’m a firm believer in making the majority of the time at home optimal for naps and take our chances when we’re away from the home.

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