Should I persist with an eat-play-sleep routine?

eat play sleep

eat play sleep

So all the mums in your Mother’s group are saying that you need to enforce an eat-play-sleep routine for your baby. You’ve tried and it just doesn’t work.  Should you persist?

It’s kind of controversial what I think about this because I know of lots of sleep people saying that eat-play-sleep is the bomb diggity.  But I just don’t see it.  I don’t like eat-play-sleep.  I think it is really stressful for Mum to try to do eat-play-sleep all the time. I think in the majority of the cases it actually turns into eat-play-eat-sleep.  Because they kind of want to top their baby up with a little something-something before they go to bed.  I feel like a lot of people are stressing themselves out doing eat-play-sleep to try and break the feed-to-sleep association, but really it is not a big deal.

I think since the beginning of humanity people have been feeding their babies before they go to sleep.  I know when I get the sushi train and I have a big belly full of sushi I want to have a nap. I think it would be the same for babies.  Similarly, when I wake up in the morning I don’t immediately have breakfast because I don’t want to eat straight after I wake up and I think it would be the same for babies.

I don’t see an issue with play-eat-sleep.  I do see an issue if they are feeding to sleep and then waking 45 minutes later, feeding to sleep then waking 45 minutes later.  Making your child do eat-play-sleep when it doesn’t seem to work seems absurd, doesn’t it? Milk has all these wonderful properties. If you google “adult insomniac hints” you will find many of them say to have warm milk before going to bed, so why wouldn’t we do that for babies? It seems odd to suddenly decide that we shouldn’t have milk before bed.  So I dislike the eat-play-sleep routine. I think it stresses people out and makes them think they are doing the wrong thing.

So no. You should not persist with it if it’s not working for you. If it works for you though, rock it! That’s awesome and I’m thrilled for you! Do what works for you and your baby 🙂


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