Is the Online Sleep Program a strict schedule-based solution?

Babies and schedules

Babies and schedules

I’m not down with strict schedules and our solutions aren’t routine-based. I don’t agree with people having a, this is when your baby wakes, this is when your baby feeds, this is when they have solids, this is when they go back to sleep. I don’t think that humans act that way.

We don’t all do the same thing, the same time, every day. If babies wake up a little bit earlier one day then maybe they should go back for their nap a little bit earlier that day as well. I certainly know if I wake up earlier in the morning, I’m ready for bed a little earlier that night than I usually would be. We’re humans and we are adaptive and we change and we’re influenced by how much activity there was that day.

Schedules for babies don’t work. They don’t work because babies don’t all fit in perfectly into schedules. If you wanted to buy our online program, we certainly are not going to tell you that your baby has to do certain things at certain times.

Basically, we’re kind of focusing on the nights and if you want to work on the days that’s great, but you can just doing whatever you need to during the day and focus on the nights because that’s what good for everyone to have a good night’s sleep.

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