Night time toilet training and sleep

Night time toilet training

Night time toilet training

Night toilet training is not a behavioural thing. It’s a physiological function. Daytime toilet training is behavioural. The child knows when they need to go to the toilet and when they’re ready, they’re ready. With night wetting, they can try hard, you can reward them with stickers, you can ask them when they need to go to the toilet, but it is a physiological function.

If you’re finding your little one is waking up due to night wetting, even when they’re day toilet trained, my advice to you would be to keep the night nappies on until you’ve had three weeks of dry nappies. Then you can start taking them off. It’s like having a sticker chart for your husband and giving him a sticker reward every time he goes through the night without snoring.

It’s out of your child’s control if they wet or not. It’s not a thing that they can learn to do. It is simply a case of their body not being ready to go through the night without wetting yet. It’s not something that they’re deliberately doing. It’s not something they’re ignoring. It’s just something they simply aren’t ready to do yet.

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