Getting rid of the dummy as a sleep crutch

Getting rid of the dummy

Getting rid of the dummy

A common problem with having the dummy as a sleep crutch is that if they spit it out and it’s not there when they come to the top of the sleep cycle, they are going to wake. If they are settling and it drops out, they’ll need it put back in again too.

We have two choices: we either commit to putting it back in every time they cry or we just literally go cold turkey. We can commit to putting it back in every time until they have reached the age where they can do that themselves (around the age of about eight months) OR go cold turkey. There is no easy way to phase out a dummy.  It is not like you can sometimes give it to them and then not.  It is literally just cold turkey and using an alternate setting method, like patting or rocking to settle them to sleep so that they feel soothed and comforted.

They’ll be comforted, just not by the dummy anymore.  It is not going to be easy I can tell you that now.  You are in for a good three nights of anguish, but it’s literally a choice of committing to putting it back until they’re old enough or go cold turkey now. 4-6 Months is a good age – it is going to be a lot easier to get rid of this age than it would say in six months time.

It will be tough for a few nights, but you will get there and I am sure you will be a lot happier for it because you won’t be putting a dummy in 20-30 times within 6 hours!


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