Fire Safety And Baby Sleep

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Fire Safety and Baby Sleep

Fire Safety is a really important safety aspect of your little one’s nursery or child’s bedroom. Where ever you are in the world, come winter, lots of rooms have heaters in them, and that’s totally fine, its important to keep your family warm. However, it is really common with plug in heaters to shut the bedroom door to keep that heat in there. Something I would like you to consider if you have got a heater on in the bedroom and the door is shut, or even any electrical appliance because fires can start from any electrical appliance, is to have a smoke alarm in your child’s bedroom.

Where to put your smoke alarms

Please don’t just put smoke alarms out in the hallway like all of the recommendations suggest. If the door is shut, you need to have a smoke alarm in their bedroom, because if the worst happened and a fire did start in their bedroom and the door was shut, there would have to be a lot of smoke in that bedroom before it went underneath the door and up to the hallway where the smoke alarm is. Obviously, that could be too late.

Get professional fire safety advice

If you are unsure about where to place smoke alarms phone your local fire station and ask if they have a service where they will come out and inspect where you have your fire alarms. Depending on where you live there will be both recommendations but also laws in regards to having smoke alarms and how they are installed. If you rent your property, make sure your landlord is meeting the requirements. This is not something you want to look to do the least you can, if in doubt add another alarm. As a family it is an opportune time to make a fire safety plan and discuss what plan you have in case of an emergency.

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