Should I stop feeding my baby to sleep?



Doctor Google

Most of the resources on the internet say that you need to have your baby going to sleep without the feed-to-sleep association, but is this true? I have worked with hundreds of families who have wanted to keep bedtime feed and feed their baby to sleep because it is convenient or because they like it. We just apply the sleep training to the through the night waking – not the bedtime. We’re finding huge success with this.

Feeding at bedtime

Some babies can feed to sleep in the evening and sleep through the night. Some babies might not feed to sleep in the evening and still wake up through the night. I’d suggest that in the waking instances baby just doesn’t know how to go back to sleep. Baby knows how to go to sleep, but not how to go back to sleep. This is usually a case of doing something less than what you’re already doing, i.e. sleep training is really just doing something less than what you are doing at the moment.

The solution?

If you are feeding when baby wakes, go to just reassuring, rocking or patting. She will probably not like it one bit. She will think it’s a pretty horrible idea and will not be on board with it at all, but she will know that you are there and that you are reassuring her. She will eventually go back to sleep – it is just going to take a lot longer than feeding her off to sleep.

You’ve got to be consistent and keep at it. I know how hard it is, but you have to see it through.


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