Should I ditch the dummy if daycare doesn’t allow it?

What happens if the daycare doesn’t allow dummies, but your baby needs it at home for day sleeps or night-time? Let’s say your little one is a great sleeper – would you want to risk going cold turkey and taking the dummy away?

You need to recognise that not only are day-time and night-time two separate functions but also that younguns are very good at recognising that what happens at daycare stays at daycare and what happens at home is what we do at home. You would be really successful in having her learn to go to sleep at daycare without the dummy and just keeping it at home. It’s not worth it for you to try to ditch it altogether and risk jeopardising your baby’s home sleep

You should just go cold turkey at daycare, to be honest. I feel like I shouldn’t say this because it’s bad, but it’ll be them that has to deal with it and not you. You keep it at home, that’s fine. I actually had this with my third child. They weren’t allowed dummies in a certain room so she didn’t have it but she always had it at home and it was no problem. They do recognise that different strokes are for different folks and things are going to go down at daycare differently than they go down at home.

Don’t compromise your overnight sleep – especially if you’re working. I remember when my middle child was about 2 and he was at daycare and I came at lunchtime and they were patting him to sleep. I was like, “What are you doing? He doesn’t need patting.” They were like, “Oh he always needs us to pat him to sleep.” I was like, “He’s just worked out that you guys do that. He doesn’t get that at home. He gets that at daycare.” When he’s having a nap at home he’ll just go to sleep but if he’s at daycare he’s like, “It’s not going to pat itself ladies, come and pat it please.” He was just used to that.


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