Can you sleep train with a dummy?

Yes, you can sleep train with a dummy. The right age that you can start is around seven/eight months old. It would depend on baby having reached the developmental stage where he can use his hands to pick up food on his tray and put it into his mouth. A very deliberate action of, “I realise that my hands can now get things from here to here.”

I would do the “dummy scatter” and have 10 or 11 dummies in the cot and then do whatever sleep guidance you’ve planned to do. So whatever it is that you’re doing, you’re also helping him learn to self-settle with the ten or so dummies in the cot. There is a product that I like that you can use and it’s called a Sleepy Tot and it’s a little square fabric bear or rabbit and you can clip a dummy onto each of the corners. The idea being that that makes it a lot easier to find the dummy and it’s harder for it to fall through the slats of the cart.

Sleep Tight Babies is the place (website) you can buy them from. I 100% recommend them, but if you don’t get the product, don’t worry about it. You can also put lots of dummies into the cot to make it easy for baby to find one to self-soothe during the night.

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