Is baby’s fussiness with food and sleep problems related?

This is something that’s really common. I have a lot of clients with babies who are fussy eaters – “he doesn’t eat very much”, “it’s really hard”, etc. and the feedback I hear all the time is, now that he’s sleeping better, all of a sudden he’s eating better.

Imagine being really exhausted. You wouldn’t want to learn something really hard. If I said let’s talk about how grammar works in Japanese, you’d be like – I can’t even think about that right now because I’m so tired.

Your baby is probably going to be pretty similar and if they’re learning new flavours, learning new textures and how to eat properly, that takes a lot of energy for them. So if they’re not sleeping then they’re probably not going to be eating really well either.

My advice for you would be to work on the sleep first, get that nailed and then your baby is probably going to be much more open to trying new things and being less fussy about food during the day.


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