Adapting sleep training



“Help! What I’m doing to get my one-year-old to sleep no longer works!”

If this is you, firstly – how awesome is it that you had something in place to get your baby to sleep! That’s a great start! Now what you need to do next is to wean them off what you’ve been doing to get them to sleep.


So it worked for you thus far. You’ve moved from feeding-to-sleep to picking up and patting or patting in the cot. Awesome! Now you need to work out what comes next because it’s no longer working. What has happened is your bubba has gotten used to what you are doing and she is like ‘ Nah uh uh, we are going to do that forever….’  so she just thinks that you think that this is a great plan.

What you need to do is keep the plan moving and keep getting further and further away, not necessarily physically just conceptually, from what you were doing before.

You know what? There will probably be some resistance AKA crying, but that’s ok! You just need to hang in there and know that she knows you are there and know that she knows you are comforting her and be really consistent.  Anything you do needs to be consistent and persistent. You’ve come so far, but now you have to think of taking a step back – do a little less than you’re doing at the moment and gradually wean her off the approach that you have chosen.


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