The 3 things you need check before going to sleep school

There are three things you need to ask of your sleep school before you book.

Subsequent support

The first thing you need to check is if they provide additional support after you’ve left the sleep school. Something that I’ve heard a lot of parents say that they found surprising or upsetting was there was no follow-up support. They don’t feel like any new issues arising are resolved or worked through with them. There’s not much support. I would encourage you to find out what process they have in place to support you with the program once you return home.

Support person overnight

The other thing I’d check is if they’d let you have a support person there with you overnight. There are a few around where your support person (husband, partner or your parent) has to go home at night time. Only one of you is allowed there at night. I would put it to you that the night time sleep training is probably the most stressful. That’s probably the most important time to have a support person with you. That’s definitely something that you should consider before you go to a sleep school.

Comfort items

The third thing that parents who’ve gone have gotten quite upset about is that any comfort item like a small plush toy, blankie or even a dummy is not allowed in the cot under any circumstances during the sleep school process. This can be quite upsetting for the parent who thought that having a little lovey might be okay and having that taken off the child at the time. If you had that in your head before, I’m encouraging you to ask. Finding that out beforehand is going to help you mentally prepare, if that is their policy.

Those are three things that I want you to look into before you go- the follow-up, the support person being able to stay overnight and if your child will be allowed to have their comfort item from home in the cot with them through the process.

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